The Green Suite

Green Classes, Kits, and Products.

The Green Suite is a small company that offers engaging hands-on classes as well as hand made kits and products made from up-cycled materials.   

Nick Conrad - Founder, Inventor & Instructor

Nick Conrad - Founder, Inventor & Instructor

If MacGyver and Captain Planet had a love child, it would be Nick Conrad.

In founding The Green Suite, Nick has combined his love of tinkering with his passion for the environment, providing city-dwellers information and inspiration to live more sustainably.

As a speaker at universities,  schools and and private events , Nick brings his eco-knowledge and knowhow to any aspiring eco-phile with unique charm and wit. His engaging and hands-on presentations on hydroponic window farming, solar energy, and zombie survival have attracted the attention of many intrigued locals, including Chicago’s own Radio WGN, Tribune, Sun-Times and WCIU's You & Me This Morning.

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