The Green Suite

Green Classes, Kits, and Products.

The Green Suite is a small company that offers engaging hands-on classes as well as hand made kits and products made from up-cycled materials.   

Spring into Gardening

Just when we had almost given up, spring has finally decided to grace us with its presence. As the days grow longer and winter coats are returned to storage, there is a feeling of rebirth in the air. Both plants and animals reclaim the once frozen wasteland as the last of the snow melts away. Now is the perfect time to start your garden for two reasons.

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The Vacation Pack

Recently I had an chance to vacation to the Bahamas. It was an eight day cruse to celebrate our friend’s wedding in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The price was very reasonable and I was able to clear my schedule for that week. Only one problem, who was going to take care of my windowfarm while I was gone for eight whole days?

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Zombie Survival Class

Even before The Walking Dead became a smash hit I was obsessed with zombies. Shows like The Walking Dead do a great job showing what life would be like after a wide spread zombie apocalypse. I began to wonder “How would I deal with such an event? What would I do for food and water? Would I leave the city or try to hold up in a secure location and what is a ‘secure location’ anyways? What weapons would I have access to?”

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