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The Green Suite is a small company that offers engaging hands-on classes as well as hand made kits and products made from up-cycled materials.   

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Are you a fan of home gardening, green travel, or tiny houses?
Do you like the idea of winning cool prizes for practically nothing?
Would you like to help the planet without getting your hands dirty planting trees?

Today is your lucky day! I'm going to tell you how to do all of those things at once, but first, let me introduce you to my friend Nick:

If MacGyver and Captain Planet had a love child, it would be Nick Conrad.

As founder of his eco-education company The Green Suite, Nick brings his eco-knowledge to Chicago’s community with unique charm and wit. His engaging presentations on hydroponic window farming, solar energy, and zombie survival have attracted the attention of many intrigued locals, including Chicago’s own Red Eye and WCIU's You & Me This Morning.

Based on his Chicago success, Nick wants to bring his entertaining education style to the rest of the country AND show the world just how cool living green while traveling can be. That's why he's started the exciting endeavor of transforming a Dodge Sprinter van into a sustainable home on wheels. With this van, he'll be able to take his window farming, solar panel, and yes, even his Zombie Survival classes on the road...maybe even to a location near you! 

If you'd like to find more details and help out my friend, check out Nick's IndieGoGo campaign here:

Wondering where those cool prizes I mentioned are? If you're among the first to contribute $25 or more at the link above, you'll receive an awesome thank you gift (or two, or three!) from Nick's Green Suite store. Check out the campaign sidebar for all of the details. 

Want to follow the project as it develops? You can find Nick at on Twitter, @thenickconrad on Instagram, or simply donate to receive exclusive access to updates as things progress.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this email, Nick is an awesome guy and I'd love to see his infectious excitement for sustainability reach a wider audience of would-be eco-warriors. Together, we can help him save the world one van stop at a time. 



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Wanna help #savetheplanet and win cool #prizes? Check out my friend @thenickconrad's @indiegogo campaign to help bring #sustainability and #zombiesurvival classes to a location near you! (link also in @thenickconrad's profile)

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