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Zombie Survival Class

From the Archives. Originally posted October 16, 2012.

Even before The Walking Dead became a smash hit I was obsessed with zombies. Shows like The Walking Dead do a great job showing what life would be like after a wide spread zombie apocalypse. I began to wonder “How would I deal with such an event? What would I do for food and water? Would I leave the city or try to hold up in a secure location and what is a ‘secure location’ anyways? What weapons would I have access to?” As I thought more about it, I realized that I was totally unprepared for a zombie attack or any other wide spread disaster. Most people, myself included, have only a few days worth of food and very little in the way of survival supplies. If a major event happens, and supply lines are shut off I would be up zombie creek without a shotgun.

I do have the advantage of living in an apartment with an off grid solar power system, and hydroponic windowfarm where I can grow some of my own food. That was a great start but I still wanted to be better prepared. So I began to make lists and gather materials and supplies for myself. I soon realized that this information could be really helpful for other people, and after all in a survival situation, larger groups have a better chance of survival. Thus The Zombie Survival Class was born.

The Zombie Survival Class is a one hour class where we will cover some of the do and dont’s of survival situations, what you can do to secure your location, what you should put in your disaster kit: food, water, supplies, ect. And of course, what weapons you have access to. Its going to be lots of fun and provide you with some skills that will keep you alive in any disaster especially a zombie apocalypse.